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[independent research and development] congratulations on nxi s450pf winning the 12th VA Vision Award!

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On April 24, 2018, the 12th SMT China Vision Award presentation ceremony was held at the Nepcon exhibition booth 1e39 of Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. Congratulations on the award of VA foresight award to enrol with s450pf laser engraving machine.

The award, sponsored by SMT China surface assembly technology magazine, aims to recognize outstanding enterprises that continuously promote technological innovation and bring technological innovation to the industry.
VA Vision Award is the only internationally recognized competition activity in China's electronic assembly industry in SMT industry. It is evaluated by an independent expert evaluation committee and a review committee composed of some readers. The evaluation criteria are as follows:
1. Innovation (creativity in the design of the shortlisted project itself) and its help and contribution to the downstream industry;
2. Reduce costs;
3. Improve quality;
4. Increase efficiency;
5. Improve reliability;
6. Improve safety;
7. Energy saving and environmental protection, as well as for the industry;
8. Comprehensive influence

As a new cutting-edge in the industry, eoxi has become an influential brand of laser tracing equipment in the industry. En'ouxi people are determined to become the industry leading brand in the field of electronic intelligent manufacturing, benefit the industry and give back to the society; and for this purpose, we will continue to innovate and research and develop a new 3D laser engraving machine, s450pf, from the perspective of improving the quality and production efficiency of customers' products
S450pf has the following characteristics:
1. Breakthrough innovation: three section guide rail with built-in turnover mechanism (industry first, has successfully applied for invention patent); while the most efficient front and back laser bar code, the transmission efficiency of CT is increased by 30%.
2. It is the industry's first time to design the board length non difference stoper positioning (has successfully applied for the invention patent); it subverts the traditional front and back flip laser working mode, and the efficiency of each PCB flip is increased by 15%.
3. The fluctuation rate of laser output power is less than 1%, which is the highest in the industry.
4. Independent high-precision visual inspection system, the detection rate of 1 * 1mm bar code reaches 100%.
5. Adopt integrated processing and forming high rigid body, INOVO bus servo control system, automatic high performance purification system.
6. The software has an intelligent mechanism of preventing from being stuck and re carving. According to the needs of different customers, the laser tracing system and MES docking system can be customized to realize the compatibility of online and offline engraving modes.
7. Badmark and defective board can be identified, and the bad board information can be fed back to the later process.
8. The internal turnover plate structure design is adopted. The stop position is located in the middle of the track. After turning the board, it is not necessary to drive the PCB again to complete the engraving on the other side, which can reduce the cycle time of code engraving on both sides at the same time, and improve the speed.
9. Three section track design is adopted inside the machine, and the track width is automatically adjusted according to the board width. When the PCB length is less than or equal to 300 mm, it has the function of pre entering the board. At the same time of a PCB engraving, there is a PCB waiting at the front and back, which reduces the waiting time of PCB transmission during code engraving.

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